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I registered my swimmer but now we are not going to swim can I get a refund?

-Yes but it may not be immediate and it may be in the form of a credit for other Vergennes Rec programs.

If you are unsure whether your child will swim or whether they are a level 1, we recommend holding off on registering until they have either had a swim assessment or try it for a couple days. You can purchase a single day pass for the pool if you do not already have a pool pass to try the swim team.

Where do I register my swimmers?

-Through the Vergennes Recreation Website:


Swim team has already started can I still sign up my swimmer?


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Suits, Caps and Goggles

What does my swimmer need for practice?

-A swim suit, towel and goggles. There are a limited number of changing rooms at the pool. Do not rely on available space to change.

Back up goggles are always good.

If your child is going to Fusion after practice they should pack dry clothes for after practice.

Does my swimmer need a VST suit to compete in meets?

-No, A swimmer can wear any one piece suit.

My swimmer has an older cap do we need to buy the new one with the new lettering?

-No you can wear the older VST cap

My swimmer arrives at a meet and realizes they have forgotten their cap (or they misplaced it).

-Find Coach Addie Brooks and she can point you to where to get a cap.

My swimmer left their goggles or cap at the pool during a meet or swim practice.

-There is a lost and found tub at the pool for swim team as well as for the general pool. Check both bins.

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Where should parents wait during practice?

-Parents should wait outside the fence during practice.

My swimmer attends Fusion at VUES, can they attend practice?

-An assigned staff member brings swimmers to the pool from Fusion and collects all Fusion swimmers when practice is done and brings them back to VUES. On days of home meets a staff member will walk swimmers to the pool at 5pm.

Does my swimmer need to attend practice every day?

-No. There is a lot of flexibility in our program. They can come a couple days a week or they can come all 6 days plus meets.

Can I get into the pool and swim during my swimmers practice?

-No, The pool is closed to members of the public other than swim team members.

It is cold and rainy, how do I know if practice is canceled?

-We use the remind app to send out emails and text messages. We will also post on our facebook page.

We are away for the week or my child will be missing practice.

-You can email the coaches ([email protected]) to let them know. 

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