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Swim Meet FAQ

Does my swimmer need to wear a VST swim suit to compete?

-No as long as they are in a one piece suit.

What should my swimmer bring to a meet?

-At least 2 towels, sweats or warm clothing to put on between races. Dry clothing for after the meet. An umbrella because it often rains.

Does my swimmer have to compete in meets?

-No. Meets are optional. They are a lot of fun though.

How do I know what my swimmer is swimming?

-When you arrive at the meet check in with the coaches and look at the event sheet which will be posted to find your swimmer's event and heat. Your swimmer will be told this but it is good for parents to know as well so they can direct their swimmer to the bullpen (staging area) before their races. Coaches will be in bright green!

At what age do swimmers start swimming 50s instead of 25s?

-11 and up swim 50s

How are relays determined?

-The computer scoring system automatically sets up the relays based on recorded times. Meaning it seeds the 4 fastest times in the A relay. If more swimmers are available then a relay team B will be seeded. Periodically a younger swimmer maybe asked to swim in a relay in the age group above them if they are short a swimmer.

How do I know where the away meets are?

-Directions for each pool is found on the Information page. Parking can sometimes be challenging at different pools (including Vergennes) so try to be 15-20 min early to account for parking and getting ready. Also consider traffic when traveling to the Burlington area. Accounting for extra time will help reduce the stress on you and your swimmer.

How do I enter my swimmer into races?

-Each swimmer will have a folder in a bin kept on the pool deck. In that folder there is a sheet that you can say whether your swimmer is attending the meet and if so which events do they wish to swim (up to 3 events).

Where does my swimmer find their ribbons?

-In the same folder with the swimmer's name on it, will also be where ribbons are put following meets.

My swimmer cannot attend a meet they signed up for?

-If it is a more than a few days before the meet then just cross off the entries on the card in the folder. If it is within a couple days of the meet or the day of email the coaches at ([email protected]) or ([email protected]).

I signed up to be a timer, where do I go?

-During warm-up there will be a timers meeting announced and where to meet. The head timer will then go over how to operate the stop watches, record times and which lanes you are assigned.

Meets occur around dinner time, is there food available?

-usually yes there are concessions but given possible Covid restrictions, food options maybe limited and pack your own snacks and food.

Are there changing facilities at meets?

-Do not count on availability of changing stations. Arrive early to the meets and come dressed and ready to swim.

Note: Try to arrive early to be ready to get in the pool at warm-up time. The team often does a cheer and swimmers don't want to miss that. 

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